Why chose Ras Kikadini?

With 12 acres of land all to your self you can guarantee all the privacy and peace and space you need to properly unwind and take in nature, yet it is also easily accessible and a short trip from Mombasa or Ukunda airport. It is ideal for having the most intimate and picturesque ceremony with your loved ones. 

Is there a swimming pool?

Not yet. But when there is our rates will increase so enjoy these super low rates while you can. And...there's always that huge expanse of water out there known as the Indian Ocean.

How far are we from Diani?

We are located 12km from Nakumatt Supermarket in Diani.

Are the shops and amenities walking distance?

No there is no shops or amenities within walking distance however you can hire a car and arrange it to meet you when you arrive.  CONTACT HERE.

Can we arrange airport transfers?

Yes we do arrange airport transfers - this is 40 USD from Mombasa airport and $20 from Ukunda airport.